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This event proudly vendored by [CRAFT VENDOR - Diosa Organics](Diosa Organics on Facebook and Instagram)

CRAFT VENDOR - Diosa Organics

CRAFT VENDOR - Diosa Organics

Diosa Organics is a sustainable holistic lifestyle business that produces kombucha, a naturally fermented probiotic health tonic made from organic black tea. Diosa Organics also has powdered herbs and superfoods, ceremonial copal incense and pure Mexican products. Brett Acker originally from Byron NY, now lives in playa del carmen mexico with wife and business partner victoria. Victoria is originally from Mexico, produces herbal tinctures and is creator of the Feminine Ecology project Recicla tu Ciclo: Womens ecological products. Victoria is also an Organizer and participant in the Colectivo Cultura Ancestral project, sharing cacao ceremonies and supporting ceremonial events. Supporting the Wixarika communities by distributing their crafts. This year Brett and Victoria are expanding Diosa Organics back into the NY area and collaborating with the community.

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