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ARTIST VENDOR - Eli Thomas Arts

ARTIST VENDOR - Eli Thomas Arts

Native American Indian Art, Limited edition art prints , Gifts with Meaning . Holiday day gifts ! Native American Wisdom Keeper/Artist/Teacher. Sharing the Wisdom of the Ancestors and Respect for the Natural World. " Everything is connected and related , nothing stands alone Eli Thomas I express the knowledge of my culture ,the Onondaga Nation thru my artwork. The images form a panorama of earth, sky, fire and water. To experience my paintings is to discover the oral traditions and cultural symbols of the Onondaga Nation. Stories and symbols of my heritage blended with and connected with the natural world encourage and elevate the human spirit to embrace that which is positive in life. Felling appreciation, giving thanks, seeking peace, and showing respect for all living things are values innate in my visual representations. The prevalent image of the wolf is a personal symbol of my clan relationship. The wolf is a teacher, a four-legged brother, a relative worthy of respect. My artistic expression is attributed to the wisdom and example of my father. Grant Thomas. " I learned to observe and to be a good listener because of my father". I gathered information by listening to the stories and wisdom of the elders. I give thanks every day for that. My brother the wolf, is a teacher, I love sharing personal experiences and storytelling. I also teaches on all levels, from elementary school to the university. Good teaching inspires students to consider new concepts, it provokes their curiosity so they may venture beyond their familiar neighborhood into a larger more dynamic world." " Students of diverse backgrounds fix their eyes on Eli's art and travel the path of Haudenosaunee cultural experiences to find universal truths. In the process , they learn something of their own inner-beauty and open their eyes to the beauty and value of all living things." The students feel positive about themselves, others, and the world around them because Eli Thomas has shared his ideas with the stroke of his brush." I am grateful to Joanie my life partner.. I had been in severe emotional despair and near death with medical problems when we met.. and not able to do my art ... taking all just to keep alive and was not sure I even wanted to be... I have with her now still healing from allot of trauma , but with her support I am able to create again. New Eli Thomas Art stories on YouTube ! Okwaho, Traveling Together, and Turtle Island FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK Eli Thomas Art Information

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