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This event proudly entertained by Nahui Ollin Aztec Dancers

Nahui Ollin Aztec Dancers

Nahui Ollin Aztec Dancers

Luis and Rose Salinas and thier family appear at cultural events and festivals throughout the U.S. where they perform their dances wearing “full traditional regalia,” of vibrant colored feathers from pheasants, roosters and macaws, animal shaped headdresses and animal skin robes.

As part of the dance performance, they explain the relationship between their movements and the music to their customs and traditions.

Growing up in Mexico City, thier dances are a way to instill an appreciation of their heritage in each succeeding generation. The Salinas family has performed them most of their lives.

In the Aztec culture, a traditional fire dance can last up to two hours and was performed only once every 52 years, which is considered the Aztec cycle for life. Salinas and his troupe will offer a short version.

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